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Parents for Barefoot Children
Parents promoting healthy barefoot activity for children. Opposing an overly shoe-obsessed society.  More Details on Parents for Barefoot Children

4 R Kids Sake
Non-profit organization whose mission is to protect our children from preventable injuries and death through awareness, education, legislation and prevention.  More Details on 4 R Kids Sake

American Association of Pedriatrics
National public education campaign of the American Academy of Pediatrics. To help pediatricians, parents, and children become more aware of the influence that media have on child and adolescent health.  More Details on American Association of Pedriatrics
Resource for both parents and children. Examines issues and provides solutions surrounding bedwetting, including treatment with DDAVP.  More Details on

electronic Child Health Network (eCHN)
A non-profit organization dedicated to using computers to share child health care information among parents, children and health care providers.  More Details on electronic Child Health Network (eCHN)

Network Hardware
NHR offers the lowest price on used Cisco Routers and refurbished Cisco switches. Get Cisco hardware at up to 95% off list! All Cisco Routers are fully tested.  More Details on Network Hardware

India Parenting: Guide to Childrens Health
Part of a parenting portal, with information on childhood illnesses, diseases, medical conditions like measles. Also first aid for fever, colds, cuts, burns.  More Details on India Parenting: Guide to Childrens Health

Backpack Safety America
Designed as a simple yet direct, 8-step prevention program to train an entire generation in the safe, proper and biomechanically correct way to use backpacks.  More Details on Backpack Safety America

Poison Prevention Prevention Tips
The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center offers safety tips to prevent poisoning in children and pets.  More Details on Poison Prevention Prevention Tips

Neat Solutions For Healthy Children
Resources for Nutrition and Health Education. Children will have fun learning how to make healthy choices.  More Details on Neat Solutions For Healthy Children

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Child Health category

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