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Can Menopause Cause Hair Loss?
Menopause is accompanied by other symptoms arising from diminishing oestrogen: hot flashes, night sweats, inability to fall and stay asleep, vaginal dryness, irritability and depression, slowed metabolism resulting to weight gain, dry skin, and thinning hair.  More Details on Can Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

UCSD Medical Center Lap Band Surgery
If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity, the UCSD Medical Center's LAP-BAND Program for Obesity can help. UCSD's integrated program offers patients an outpatient surgical solution for long-term weight loss.  More Details on UCSD Medical Center Lap Band Surgery

Go Ask Alice!
Columbia Universitys Health Education Program. Database of letters answered by Alice.  More Details on Go Ask Alice!

The Canadian Health Network
Trusted health information for girls and women on topics including family, pregnancy, birth control, parenting, cancer, violence, abuse, depression, menopause, and osteoporosis.  More Details on The Canadian Health Network

FDA Information for Women
Comprehensive site on FDA information relating to food, drugs and cosmetics in relation to womens health.  More Details on FDA Information for Women

Better Ideal Weight Calculations
Better Ideal Weight - body calculations, Four methods compared  More Details on Better Ideal Weight Calculations

Dr. Susan Lark, M.D.
In-depth articles from Susan Lark, M.D. on womens health issues, including perimenopause and menopause, mental clarity, mood, and bone health.  More Details on Dr. Susan Lark, M.D.

Aphrodite Womens Health
News and research on womens health issues covering breast cancer, infertility, menopause, weight management and female sexuality.  More Details on Aphrodite Womens Health

Answers for Women
An educational, research, and health care center that includes a wide variety of general health care, gynecologic care, infertility, prenatal and genetic counseling, obstetrics care, womens gynecologic cancer care, and research education.  More Details on Answers for Women
Covering womens health topics and reproductive health topics.  More Details on

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