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BabyCenter -- Pinpoint Fertile Time
Includes an ovulation calculator to help determine the most fertile days and gives a due dates.  More Details on BabyCenter -- Pinpoint Fertile Time

Conditions Requiring Precautions in the Use of Oral Contraceptives
Technical information about which patients should exercise caution or avoid using combined oral contraceptives, from Johns Hopkins Reproline.  More Details on Conditions Requiring Precautions in the Use of Oral Contraceptives

Birth Control - Diaphragm
Describes this birth control method and how it protects against pregnancy and some STIs. Includes a photograph.  More Details on Birth Control - Diaphragm

Web Womb
Fertility indicator and pregnancy tests. Information on the Fertility Awareness Method. Product, contact information and charts.  More Details on Web Womb

Hormonal Forecaster
Chart your fertility to avoid or achieve pregnancy. Also generate personal statistics, and forecast future moods and behaviors.  More Details on Hormonal Forecaster
An explanation of the differences in names and availability of birth control pills between Canada and the United States.  More Details on

Electronic fertility indicator. Product and contact information.  More Details on Contraception-computer

Axtronic Software
Computer program to determine up to 12.5 infertile days in the female cycle, time of ovulation, next menstruation and forecast accuracy. Freeware.  More Details on Axtronic Software

National Association of the Ovulation Method of Ireland
N.A.O.M.I. assists women to appreciate their fertility throughout their reproductive life.  More Details on National Association of the Ovulation Method of Ireland

Reliable Natural Birth Control
A natural method with no charting or program to learn.  More Details on Reliable Natural Birth Control

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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Birth Control category

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